Examples from the Ground Compilation

Examples Reference Table


This table is a key to the subject matter of each example. It also identifies examples addressing the cross-cutting issues of gender-based violence, peacekeeping and recruitment and retention of women in the security sector.


List of examples alphabetically

Africa: DFID evaluation of mainstreaming of gender and HIV/AIDS issues in security and justice programming
Afghanistan: Addressing the needs of women in prison
Afghanistan: Increasing women’s representation in parliament through quotas
Albania: Gender-related Human Resource Policies in Armed Forces
Austria and Côte d'Ivoire: Implementing SCR 1325 through NAPs
Brazil : Civil society organisation countering gun violence
Central African Republic: Government and NGOs collaborate to fight female genital mutilation
Ghana: Gender-related Human Resource Policies in Armed Forces
Hungary: Increasing the Recruitment and Retention of Women in the Armed Forces
Indonesia: Oversight and monitoring of gender issues in justice reform
Israel: A law for the inclusion of women in security decision-making
Jamaica: Participatory and gender-responsive national security policy
Kosovo: Gender training for border and boundary police
Kosovo: Measures to counter human trafficking
Liberia: Gender-sensitive disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration
Liberia: Integrating gender into the Post Conflict Needs Assessment
Nepal: Women's civil society organisations working with security institutions
Nicaragua: Gender initiatives in the national police
Peru: Gender assessment of the justice sector
Russian Federation: Improving the living conditions for women prisoners
Rwanda: Women parliamentarians and post-conflict reconstruction
Sierra Leone: Family Support Units
Somalia: Reforming customary laws to meet human rights standards
South Africa: Addressing HIV/AIDS in prisons
South Africa: Gender budgeting
South Africa: Gender-responsive defence reform
Spain: Monitoring the implementation of a gender perspective within the Armed Forces
Tajikistan:Dushanbee-Kyrgyz border rehabilitation
Tanzania: Gender audit as a tool for enhancing gender in programming
The Netherlands: Gender-related Human Resource Policies in Armed Forces
The Pacific: Women’s Civil Society Engagement in Security Dialogue
Timor Leste: Gender dimensions of establishing the Policia National
United Kingdom: Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Armed Forces
United Kingdom: Civil society oversight of places of detention
United States: Police self-assessment of recruitment and retention of women
West Africa: Monitoring borders with a gender lens