Examples from the Ground Compilation


Examples Reference Table


Since some of the examples are relevant to more than a single theme, this table is a key to the subject matter of each example. It also identifies the examples addressing the cross-cutting issues of gender-based violence, peacekeeping and recruitment and retention of women in the security sector.


List of examples by sector


Security Sector Reform and Gender


Africa: DFID evaluation of mainstreaming of gender and HIV/AIDS issues in security and justice programming


Brazil: Civil society organisation countering gun violence



Police Reform and Gender


Kosovo: Measures to counter human trafficking


Liberia: The Liberian National Police’s female recruitment programme


Nicaragua: Gender initiatives in the National Police


Sierra Leone: Family Support Units


Timor Leste: Gender dimensions of establishing the PNTL


Defence Reform and Gender



Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender



Civil Society Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender



National Security Policymaking and Gender



Justice Reform and Gender



Penal Reform and Gender



Border Management 


Kosovo: Gender training for border and boundary police


Tajikistan: Dushanbe-Kyrgyz border rehabilitation


West Africa: Monitoring borders with a gender lens



Training Resources on Security Sector Reform Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation and Gender